In "Paint Your Wild Spirit"

 you'll learn the skills you need

so that YOU

can begin a painting, make the next moves on the canvas AND successfully finish a painting that sets your soul on fire!


You'll learn how to connect with your own

unique Wild Spirit,

 you'll (finally) befriend your inner critic and immerse into 

a deeply satisfying

free flowing painting experience!

Even if you've never painted before or your painting supplies are stuffed away in the back of the closet!

"Paint Your Wild Spirit"

It's so much more than an online course, it’s a

journey into the soul of your creative practice.

I'm Ready, Sign me up!

Paint Your Wild Spirit course really freed me up to be more playful in my art making!

I’ve been a professional painter and artist for 20 years and  I finally learned how to really PLAY when I’m painting!

When I joined Paint Your Wild Spirit I'd been feeling stuck and frustrated with my painting, I wanted to LOOSEN up!
Tammy taught me how to tap into my own creativity by experimenting and playing in my art with childlike abandon. I now begin all of my paintings in a bold and fun way and creating is so much more enjoyable to me.
Taking more risks and trying new things is easier for me and my artwork is becoming something I love making as well as loving the end result.

I highly recommend Tammy’s courses!

LWren Walraven
Wren Dreams Art

Paint Your Wild Spirit

the only online course that'll teach you how to paint what sets your soul on fire....

YES, I'm ready to make paintings that Set my SOUL on FIRE!
As a beginner artist I was scared and nervous to join....

"Would I be good enough" "Am I out of my league?" 

Tammy is a generous and vulnerable artist, teacher, human. Though an incredibly talented and accomplished artist she doesn't teach from on high. She meets you where you are, a place she's been and invites and guides you on a journey...encourages and empowers you for your own artist journey.

I've now turned my home office into an art studio and painting is a regular part of my daily life, not to be missed!!

There are a plethora of courses, so many artists in the online space.

What Tammy offers here is rare and incredibly valuable...pure gift!

 Amy Curtis, Chicago


"After years of academia I've started to look at the world around me through the eyes of an artist again!

I specifically chose this class because of Tammy’s wild spirit energy. Her way of being in life and art is so not me!

 I wanted to be pushed outside my comfort zone and to loosen up in my approach to art (and life).

 I found that Tammy’s energy and spirit drew me into my art in a new way, and stayed with me and inspired more freedom of expression in other areas of my life as well. 

I feel more inspiration, freedom, playfulness, nonjudgment! The pieces I created in this class, both the finished and the unfinished, beckon to me. 
I hold in my heart the energy and creativity I felt during the class.

This is a class for anyone and everyone, from novice to experienced artists, who need a burst of energy and inspiration, who are a bit stuck in a rut and need to rejuvenate their relationship to art and self, or who just want to play and have some fun in a welcoming and safe space."

Sandra Collins PhD, Psych

Read Sandra's Case Study HERE 

Give me 5 weeks, wild one, and I'll take you from being scared of making the first (or next) mark on the canvas to free flowing painting and mark making that will inspire you for a lifetime!

You'll be the painter you've always wanted to be!

I'm now creating things all over the place now ... the inspiration from this course is so much broader than just painting...

Before joining Paint Your Wild Spirit I wondered, am I worth the money?  Can I remain committed to the process?

 Now, I completely lose track of time and suddenly I've been painting for hours and didn't even realize it.  I get in that special liminal space where there is happiness and contentment.  The tapping and walking and dancing activities in the course really help me get over the initial hump of worthiness and then poof I'm creating.  

Absolutely I would recommend your course
...for folks who are ready for a change in their approach.

Kes Arends PhD

Through her playful facilitation, Tammy had me expressing things through paint, crayons, and other art supplies that I had been too afraid (or intimidated by) to ever use.

I was nervous at first to work with Tammy, being quite self-conscious about my own abilities (or lack of them) and coming in with all kinds of internal excuses and resistance. However, Tammy soon put me at ease with her playful energy and the way she created safety.

I have struggled in the past with the idea that there is a “right” way to do things, and I have been hard on myself when I have come nowhere close to getting there. 

As a counsellor and educator, I have long advocated for the healing power of art. Now I can say that I have experienced this first hand. I feel like my experience with Tammy has expanded my ability to express what is in my own heart and soul. And for that, I will be forever grateful. Now I have the gift and privilege of being able to pass this on to others.

I highly recommend Tammy’s courses — no matter where you are at on your creative journey, and especially if you don’t consider yourself creative at all!

Academic dean,  Neufeld Institute

Colleague of Gabor Mate

"My main creative medium has been as a dancer, so I was really surprised by how much I enjoy painting!  

As a result of this course I feel fantastic, being a painter feels like I have a new superpower!!  This feeling of creative freedom has carried over into other areas of my life, like my music and dance. 

"When I signed up for Paint Your Wild Spirit I was isolated and dealing with a lot of anxiety post-covid and I needed some art and therapy and connection. I wanted to heal my nervous system, to find pathways into regulation.  This meant everything to me!

I had hesitations, thinking that I'm not an artist or painter, I don't know how to do this. 

Tammy made it easy for me to overcome my hesitations because I didn’t think about them. 

I got immediate results, with pretty colour or messy colour or something on my chosen canvases. 

Right away I could do it!  As a result of the course, how it's set up, how it's structured, it has the experience of a real time, present moment experience and as a beginner it was super fun!

My nervous system was held while I followed the flow of what Tammy was teaching.

 I always recommend Paint Your Wild Spirit course to people!

It was a liberating experience!

 Melissa Nobels

Paint Your Wild Spirit


"The best thing I gained was learning a new way to make art, and loving it so much that I'm painting most days!"  

I saw your artwork and was so excited by it, I grabbed on to the opportunity to be in your classes! And I've  loved every bit of them!

Paint Your Wild Spirit freed my creativity up in new ways, and had me excited to be making art again. 🎨

The challenge I met was resolving the messy middles, and your guidance helped with that. 

 I chose to work with you because I loved you and your art.

I recommend your classes all the time! 

  • Do you feel like there's more freedom and creativity available to you and you're not quite finding it? (You're not alone, I totally get it, no shame btw)

  • Are you struggling with self doubt, wondering why painting feels so hard sometimes, even when it’s something you love or would love to do?

  • Do you believe only “special” people are painters, or that you have to be uniquely talented and gifted to enjoy and express yourself with paint?

  • Does it feel it kinda scary (or terrifying!)  to approach the blank canvas, to make the first mark...are you afraid you'll get it wrong? 

  • Are you worried that even though you may already know all the techniques and all the things, something's still missing and you're afraid you're just not getting it?

  • Do you believe that if you can't make a good or great painting to start with there's no use in even trying?

 If you're saying YES to any of these questions you're in the right place!

And guess what? I've felt and believed all of these things too, and I've totally transformed my creative experience so I know you can too! 

(hint...there’s no getting it wrong when you’re expressing your own creative voice!)

With "Paint Your Wild Spirit" you’ll finally have the skills, practices and courage to be able to paint whatever you want without worrying about what other people think!


Ahhhh...sweet relief right?

"I'm now able to move past the inner critic and immerse into a creative space with deep self compassion and a joy for the process."


Paint Your Wild Spirit course was an adventure in freeing up my creativity! Wow! Tammy's support and guidance was outstanding. It surprised me that an online course could be so transformative.
I learned a plethora of new painting and mark-making techniques, which were really freeing and exciting to play with. 
AND more of the gold of this course was the encouragement and support from Tammy, as she shared her stories of failure and success, to boldly empower us to let loosen up and let go.

 This is not a course in "how to make a pretty painting", but it about how to make a painting in your voice. (it might be pretty!)

It's an in-depth, vulnerability-embracing, deep-dive into the heart of why we are drawn to make our mark in the world and how to look into the reasons we often stop ourselves. 

The course is packed with real exercises that helped me get back in touch with my true creative voice and how to express this in paint. As a musician, these prompts have been very helpful in allowing me deeper access to my songwriting practice too!

I definitely recommend this course!

Tina Jones

I feel very empowered to paint whenever I want now, knowing that I can do this "thing" that felt off limits to me!

I’m a really creative person in many different mediums, but I wasn’t at all comfortable with paint.
I didn’t think I could paint, I believed that painting just wasn’t FOR ME.

 Paint Your Wild Spirit course CHANGED all of that and taught me so much about painting techniques and process, I'm feel empowered to paint whenever I want while also being kind and compassionate towards myself when I paint.

I LOVE my paintings, and it turns out that other people do too because since the course I’ve been in group art shows and even had a solo art show and SOLD pieces!

And, best of all, I LOVE painting! 

I say Do IT! I highly recommend this course!

Pam McCartney

Paint Your Wild Spirit

Creative Sovereignty

I was surprised at the joy I felt when a painting emerged that I loved.

The feeling that it was meant to be and it was nothing that I could have imagined or planned. 

I learned that I need to take time for myself to create and that it doesn't matter what I create, that it's for me.

Tammy's honesty, creative approach and talent along with her fearlessness to try new things and her kind nature is why I choose to work with her.

There is a freedom that I feel when I take time for myself.
An honouring of my spirit.
Leanne Martin

Are YOU ready to break FREE

from inner and outer limitations, to exuberantly squeeze luscious paint out of the tube and onto the blank canvas

(yes, even if you’re super scared!) so that

you can paint what your heart and soul truly desire?

YES I want to PAINT what my heart desires!


  • Wonder if you have something more to express and you're not getting there on your own? (again, there's no shame!)

  • Have a desire and a creative curiosity about painting that isn't being fulfilled? 

  • Want to dust off those paint tubes and explore the wonders of paint as a way to access and express your own authentic creative voice?

If you're saying YES YES YES then

"Paint Your Wild Spirit" is for YOU!

I’ve struggled with being creatively blocked for so long....

"With this course and Tammy's guidance I was totally free to just go for it and leave all the silly judgments behind. It seems like a miracle or a magic trick that somehow I was able to become free.

  I now find myself drawn to my art materials with curiosity and a sense of adventure and possibility."

Rhiannon Galanta

Read Riannon's Case Study HERE

"Tammy is a warm, wise, fun and empowering guide.

Her art, her lessons, and her presence are all inspiring."

Erin Moonsister

Tammy's enthusiasm and playfulness inspired me to expand – from art journal to canvas!

She generously shared an abundance of precious insights and techniques. At the same time she encouraged us to paint and collage freely in our own way.

The live Zoom Calls were so much fun.

Thanks for a wonderful course!

Mirjam Muhs

“Paint Your Wild Spirit”

is a unique online course experience created just for you!


We all have stories to tell, with words, with imagery, with paint, with feelings… do we get out of the way so that we can bring these stories to life on the canvas?

Yes, we don’t only have to use words to tell stories, we can paint our stories metaphorically with colour, texture, shape, layers, mark-making and imagery.

You can be a modern day cave painter, exploring and expressing your inner and outer worlds with paint and mixed media onto any type of surface so that you can consistently find freedom and JOY in your creative expression.

(and give yourself a freaking break)

Think you don’t have a story to tell or paint? 100% not true

Think your story is uninteresting or not worth telling/painting? 100% not true.

Do you think you're too old? It's too late? This won't work for you? NOT TRUE! Not true, not true!

Your soul and spirit have a story, underneath the layers of conditioning and judgement there’s a story waiting to unfold.... 

 In "Paint your Wild Spirit”


you'll paint paint paint, and then paint some more! 

My process is all designed to get you engaged with paint so that you can feel the pure pleasure of creative play and get over the preciousness of it all so that you'll feel free to experiment, play and get a little (or a lot) wild!

You'll learn how to easily begin to paint, stay in the messy middle and find your way to a satisfying finish.


In this course you'll have so much hands on experience with paint that you'll start a painting as easily as you make yourself breakfast.

(starting is sometimes the hardest part, right?)


You'll get full access to "behind the scenes"  in my studio and you'll learn my unique blend of uber-effective painting practices, mindset tools, and simple but powerful art techniques that will help you discover new avenues of creative inspiration that are just waiting to be let loose!

You’ll let go of old beliefs and conditioning that throw a wet blanket on your creativity so that you can learn to trust your own intuitive painting impulses.

You’ll build and maintain a powerful, unstoppable creative fire inside yourself so that


You'll finally feel free to paint whatever sets your

soul on fire.

YES, I want to FEEL FREE to PAINT and PLAY!
It gave my "mature artist" a chance to breathe in new life."

"We left behind the old world of creating with the mind’s critique of what was acceptable ...

and ventured into a place where it was okay to do whatever our spirit wanted!

Each video and module was an experience that seemed to speak to the “innocent artist” in all of us. 

Tyrrell Clarke BFA

Tyrrell Clarke Art

Creative Sovereignty Course

"Tammy's teaching style is a great balance of structure and flexibility.

She really supports and empowers students to jump in, experiment, have fun and believe in their own creativity.

I loved the module videos, zoom meetups, personal feedback."

Erin Grier Creative Sovereignty Course

"Tammy is filled with enthusiasm and encouragement

and guides her students to many avenues to bring out their talents with her abundance of examples, videos and live calls!"

Linda Kallos "Creative Sovereignty Course"

Do YOU want to find your own authentic voice in painting and feel free to paint whatever sets your soul on fire?

Join me today so that you can feel enlivened, excited and energized with your paintings and your process!


What You'll Receive...

Paint Your Wild Spirit Course Overview:

  • You'll have exclusive access to 5 super delicious, colour drenched modules of full-on painting experiences over 5 weeks, 12 months FULL access to all the course content so you can feel spacious and go at your own pace.
  • You'll paint, collage, scribble, scratch, scrape and embellish on paper, raw canvas, stretched canvas, wood and anything else you want to paint on so that you’ll have the experience of many different materials and you’ll have the confidence to explore the full range. 
  • You'll paint small to large and everything in between. You'll get to practice and experiment with different sizes, shapes and substrates while I actively guide you, so that you can relax and explore your own creative process.
  • You'll learn many specific art and painting techniques to help you bring your own authentic vision to life on the panel. (don't worry if you don't have a vision now, ideas will arise within you, almost as if by magic as you go through this process!)
  • 5 - 90 min live zoom calls (recorded) with full painting demonstrations and guided exercise designed to open your heart and call in your wild spirit so that you can discover and explore more deeply your own authentic voice. We’ll have regular Q & A where I share behind the scenes in my own art practice, the joys and the mini frustrations so that you will feel more empowered in your own practice. 

Each module contains:

  A wide variety of acrylic painting and mixed media techniques such as colour mixing, value and shape, blind contour drawing, image transfer,collage, mono printing and many more all thoroughly explained and demonstrated with videos so that you'll always feel empowered to make the next mark, paint the next stroke. 

  • Module 1 Calling In the Wild
  • Module 2 Permission To Unravel
  • Module 3 Expanding Your Range
  • Module 4 Going Beyond The Edge
  • Module 5 Growth Path

My unique process will teach you how to find inspiration even in the smallest details and impulses so that you never run out of ideas, you'll be tuned into your own authentic voice and you'll always know how to get started and how to stay in the painting process.

  • You'll learn my signature energy tools to quiet the inner critic so that you can create wtf you want to create. 
  • You’ll explore movements and self connection practices, so that you can feel free to play and explore without getting bogged down by self doubt and fear. 
  • Each module will build upon the last in a way that creates a solid foundation so that by the last module you'll know everything you need to know to start, how to paint your way through the messy middle and how to finish a painting!
  • You'll feel deeply satisfied and incredibly inspired to create more!

You'll untame yourself and rewild your approach to painting (and to life) so that you can create the paintings you're truly meant to paint and feel vibrantly alive with your creativity all the time!

It's a way of life...

Wondering if "Paint Your Wild Spirit" is the right painting course for you?

This course is different from other painting courses....

It's a journey into the soul of your creative practice.

Are you ready to play with fun tools, spirit enlivening art techniques and creative practices that are not just more of the same old boring AF art exercises

so that you can free your own authentic expression and be wild, bold and alive when you paint?

YES I want to feel BOLD AND ALIVE with paint!

"Paint Your Wild Spirit"

 is for YOU if:

You feel bored AF, uninspired, restricted, frustrated or STUCK with what you paint. (been there, done that!)

You want to set your paintings on fire with inspiration and aliveness!

You want to finally get in touch with your authentic creative voice so that you can feel excited and alive with what you paint! 

You’re done with the usual, boring, conventional art techniques (ya know, stuff like how to draw the perfect human figure or paint the perfect still life) and you’re ready to paint whatever you want to paint without worrying about what other people will think.

You're ready to be a painter!

You’re ready to break FREE from inner and outer limitations, finally squeeze the paint out of the tube onto the canvas (yes, even if you’re scared!) so that you can create what your heart and soul truly desires! 

You sense that there's more freedom and creativity available to you and you're not quite finding it on your own. (there's no shame in this btw)

You want to be guided by a thriving, experienced artist with over 20 + years of experience making and selling art as a full time career so that you can relax into the process and paint freely.

"Paint Your Wild Spirit"

is NOT for you if:

  • You want to only make pretty paintings and only care about perfectly curated art. 
  • You think that painting is about creating the perfect piece vs experimenting and growing in the process.
  • You don’t care about being authentic in your painting and your expression. 
  • You like predictable art, conventional art that feels ho hum and has no spark. 
  • You’re not committed to growth and you’re 100% certain that nothing can help you be more creative. 

"Your enthusiasm is so contagious"

and you created such a non-judgemental environment that I felt very comfortable.

The realization that making a mark was a starting point for a whole flow of ideas,

and there didn't have to be any preconceived concept of how things would turn out or what they would say gave me so much freedom. And that trying to create perfection was a hindrance, not a help!"

Marni Laird

Architectural Designer

100% TRUTH

  1.  I understand exactly where you are and what you're going through.
  2.  I can show you exactly what it takes to get to the other side.

Because I used to believe I wasn't creative...

In my book "Tender Brave Spirit" I share about my story from zero creativity to my life as a full time artist, making creativity the centrepiece of my life.

I'll give you the short version here:

I spent most of the first 40 years of my life believing the lie that

  • only special people are creative .
  • you have to born with talent or else there's no chance.

My self-taught art became my full time career when I was in my 40's, selling in galleries across the continent. I was a late bloomer.

So, I know this creativity stuff inside and out, I know the struggles that come with this path and that’s why I’m the PERFECT guide for you, especially if you’re feeling stifled in your paintings and creative practice.

In fact I think I'm uniquely qualified for guiding others in the process of art making because I know so intimately the pain of not feeling creative or artistic, and being held back by fear or worry about other people's ideas about what I "should" be creating. I know there's another way.


Give me 5 weeks, wild one, and I'll take you from being scared of making the first (or next) mark on the canvas to free flowing painting and mark making.

You'll draw upon the rich world of your own personal visuals so that you can feel on fire with your paintings, your art and your life!

That sounds pretty amazing, right!?

Watch this!

In this deep dive into painting course I'll encourage YOU to paint wtf YOU want, without fear or worry about judgment, from inner or outer critics, like I do with Blue Buffalo... (watch the video below!)


Can you hear your wild spirit calling you?

How long are you willing to feel stifled knowing that you have this creative fire inside of you and you’re not allowing yourself to express it?

The longer you wait, the stronger the pull will feel, so why not now?

Consider this the sign you need to say YES! To yourself!

YES, my WILD Spirit is calling ME!

"I dusted off my old paint brushes and paints and have set up a space for me to create in our house.

"Your positive energy and creativity is catching and inspiring!"


I look forward to your next workshop!

Shirley Townley Smith

Tammy reminds us that we ALL have an artist within!

She gave me the tools to release the creative artist buried inside.

She gives permission to let your inner child play, create and express! Getting to see Tammy paint was absolutely mesmerizing! Watching her start with a blank page and end up with a colourful, free, living piece of art was nothing short of amazing!

It was like watching a master magician cast a beautiful spell."

Tess Riley


"Tammy will help you discover your own authentic voice.

She will inspire and guide you as you learn to let go of the inner critic and embrace the freedom to just begin."

Annie Froese

You will find your own freedom of expression,

 experience fun that overcomes self doubt and  the ability to lose yourself in artistic play without judgement, all under the guidance of a talented and accomplished artist who shares so honestly her own journey to that place of accepting and advancing her creativity. 

Think you aren’t creative? 

Tammy’s course will prove you wrong.

Elaine Cadell

Creative Sovereignty

Imagine, you'll finally and fully trust yourself and your own creative impulses so that you can thrive even more and REALLY REALLY ENJOY painting! 

(even when it feels challenging it's still soul satisfying)

HELL YAH! I Want This!

 Why learn from me?

I’m a successful self taught artist with over 20 years of experience creating and selling art. I know this stuff because I live this stuff - aka,, the highs and the lows, the joy and the pain of art making!

I’m wildly creative and I believe creative blocks are a myth we can leave behind so that we can feel free to make whatever we want. 

I know the exuberant joy of painting with a  free and wild abandon and my #1 goal is to encourage others to give themselves permission to paint and feel this too!

I  have a compassionate approach to the tender vulnerable parts of ourselves that can be revealed when we paint and make art.

I know first hand the pain of feeling stuck and frustrated with my painting practice, and I’ve created my own uber- effective method for finding my  way through so that I can really love all the pieces of my painting experience.

I know how to transform the negative energy of the inner critic voices so that I feel free to create whatever the f^&* I want.

I LOVE creating, and I love to inspire people to make creativity a BIG part of their lives without feeling held back by self-doubt.

More and more I truly live my life as art.

And so can YOU.

This course has changed me as an artist and I am truly grateful!


If you would like to make your own art . . . 
If you have trouble finding the start line . . . 
If you are afraid of making a "bad" mark . . . 
If you feel disconnected from the canvas . . .
If you fear the outcome . . .
Or maybe you are just tired of following the same path again and again . . . 
Show yourself some love . . . 
Paint Your Wild Spirit . . . 
Give yourself permission .
Ada Bording

Ada Baby Beads

I was surprised to find that the simplest of things make me very happy with my art, the happy surprises!

Tammy's teaching style was very approachable, humble and fun. Tammy is a gentle guide for people of varying levels, backgrounds and styles. Many kinds of art courses can be daunting (I'm not a professional artist), very expensive, and too serious!

I was guided to be more experimental with what I had on hand (materials) and I pushed for exploration rather than outcome. This made it less pressurized and more fluid and fun.

I greatly appreciated that Tammy knows what she's doing and she  made it OK to ask questions, and always welcomed them.

Alaine Ruse

Paint Your Wild Spirit

5 weeks to transform your relationship with creativity and paint so that you'll bravely approach the blank canvas, trusting yourself and your process while having a freaking fabulous time doing it!

YES! I want to have a FABULOUS time painting! Sign me up!


"Your enthusiasm is delightful and infectious. Your approach of big mark making and writing prompts to get started works well!"

Sarah Kopjar

Tammy’s infectious spirit in guiding us to follow the voice of our inner child and let go of my inner critic allowed me to explore and express myself without judgement!

It was a very fun and liberating experience"

Allana Thorne

Super sweet bonuses

to inspire and delight you!!

Delivered right to your mail box and inbox! be sure to put your proper mailing address at checkout so I can send these to you!

Wild Spirit Tote Bag

exclusively designed, sturdy made in Canada course tote bag to carry your art supplies, books and be on the go!

Value $75.00

Tender Brave Spirit

My full colour, lovingly illustrated book about my rocky road to my creative life. It'll inspire you to take risks and play!

Value $55

Creative Sovereignty Visual Journaling course

Full lifetime access to this inspiring and motivational course all about visual journaling and how to make your mark on the page, and to play and express yourself like no one's watching.

Value $197

Super special pricing for a one of a kind experience that'll have YOU feeling creatively free and alive,

(not only with paint but in your whole life! 100%) 

Because feeling that way is priceless, isn't it?

Doors close April 13, 2024 midnight PDT!

Course rolls out April 14!

First live call April 16!

3 Payments

$339 CAD

3 payments over 3 months [$249 USD]

  •  5 colour drenched modules filled to the brim with painting technique, play and pep talks + random bonuses!
  • 5 x 90 min. live group coaching calls where you'll learn and see live demos and get ongoing feedback and support!
  • An abundance of hands on guided painting experiences to inspire and uplift you! + demos and tutorials!
  • Bonus private Facebook group for sharing and connecting.



One Payment

$979 CAD

[$729 USD]

  •  5 colour drenched modules filled to the brim with painting technique, play and pep talks + random bonuses!
  • 5 x 90 min. live group coaching calls where you'll learn and see live demos and get ongoing feedback and support!
  • An abundance of hands on guided painting experiences to inspire and uplift you! demos and tutorials!
  • Bonus private Facebook group for connecting and sharing.



Wild Spirit Special

$1299 CAD

The full course plus 2 private, personalized 1-1 coaching calls to expedite your process even more!!

  • 5 colour drenched modules filled to the brim with painting techniques, play and pep talks + random bonuses!
  • 5 x 90 min. live group coaching calls where you'll learn and see live demos and get ongoing feedback and support!
  • An abundance of hands on guided painting experiences to inspire and uplift you! + demos and tutorials!
  • 2 x 1-1 coaching calls, designed to accelerate your painting practice and process!
  • Bonus private Facebook group for sharing and connecting.


A 90 minute follow up live Zoom call 60 days after course start to check in, add new techniques and continue to hone in on your own authentic expression with more guidance and accountability and PLAY!


Check it out, another high speed painting video!... fyi, this painting doesn't exist anymore, I've painted over it.

 If this looks like fun, you can be doing this too. Learning to play and add layers that create depth and interest, letting go of the preciousness so that you can paint what sparks up your soul and spirit, trusting that you'll always find your way.

p.s. You'll see the new painting inside the course! 



  • $250 VALUE


  • $95.00 VALUE

P.S. Full refund up to 10 days after course starts, so there's NO RISK FOR YOU!

I now give myself permission to PLAY more deeply and have FUN!

"My life has changed! My commitment to my creative path has just become sweeter!

SharmaRay Goldman

Wild Women Create

Life changing experience for me! 
Highly recommended!

"Thank you Tammy for being the fearless leader of this inspirational journey... showing what is possible when we open our minds and eyes and heart to a lifetime of creative sovereignty! Life changing experience for me! 

Highly recommended!

 Joanne Schick

"Your course has been a springboard for me to explore deeper into my own cultural art traditions and begin to incorporate those into my own art practices.

As a Mohawk / Lenape woman, I felt that you created a safe and respectful space for me to explore some of the current issues facing our world. Your course has been a springboard for me to explore deeper into my own cultural art traditions and begin to incorporate those into my own art practices.
Many thanks - Nia:wen"

Lisa Webster

Are you ready to be guided by a thriving, experienced artist with over 20 years of experience making and selling art as a career so that you can relax, enjoy and

"Paint YOUR Wild Spirit?"


P.S. If not now when?

I know it can be hard to make these decisions, I get it!

But I can tell you that the biggest transformations I've had in my life happened when I've actually commited to making a change.

Are you ready for transformation?

(if you've come this far I think you are!)


 In a small group, potent, transformational wild spirit art experience!

  • 5 playful and power packed course modules, each filled with myriad painting techniques and mindset tools that'll make it super easy for you to start a painting and all the tools and encouragement you need to keep going! 
  • 5 uber motivational live (on zoom) group coaching calls that will invigorate and inspire you and keep you painting! Stand alone value $750
  • 1 Paint Your Wild Spirit sturdy tote bag, so you can be on the go with your painting supplies! Value $75
  • 1 Signed copy of my colour filled book Tender Brave Spirit. This will be a balm and an inspirtaion to your creative soul! Reading and immersing yourself in this book will create a fire in your belly to be the painter that you're meant to be! Value $55
  • 2 x bonus group coaching calls at 30 days and 60 days after the last module rolls out, to keep you super inspired and creatively activated! Value $300



Tammy Hudgeon

is a thriving self taught artist, author, teacher and wild spirit.

She has been creating and selling her art nationally and internationally for over 20 years.

Tammy exhibits her art in galleries across Canada and U.S.A. She's had many notable solo and group exhibitions.

Tammy  is a published author with her book "Tender Brave Spirit " where she openly share her own creative journey.

Tammy has won a multitude of art awards, including 2 x B.C. Glass Art Association best in show.

Her story and her art have been featured in regional and national magazines and newspapers, and she's been a guest on the national radio show CBC's North x Northwest 2 times.

She's been a featured guest on various podcasts including the cult classics "Room in the Trees" and "Staight Outta Gabriola".

She's been cited by her local (and highly artistic) community for her outstanding contributions to the art scene.

She's actively engaged in her own dynamic and thriving creative practice on a daily basis.

She lives and creates on a magical forested island where she loves to drink tea all day long and is always found creating something colourful!

She LOVES to inspire people to make creativity a BIG part of their lives too.

Just imagine... 5 FULLY guided modules of luscious painting explorations and play!  Transformational weekly coaching calls! (these inspiring calls alone are worth the price!)

access for 12 FULL months to all course content, plus a supportive Facebook group for sharing all of your discoveries (if YOU want)

You'll be forever changed!

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