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Technical Support for All of my lovely creative sprits

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 Frequently Asked Questions + some tips and tricks if you get stuck technically or creatively

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Part of creative sovereignty is getting away from the need to have something be perfect - take a deep breath release your inhibition and go with what you have in the moment!


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Still Need Support?

If you're unable to get answers here or in the facebook group you can contact me or my sweet and sassy technical assistant Ivey.

We'll do our best to respond to you within 24 hours. Please understand at times we are off grid (I live on a small island with occasional power outtages) or away from our devices. 

Give us time to respond, we're here for you. 

love and light <3

Contact me: Tammy Hudgeon [email protected]

Or my tech support helper: Ivey Rothenberg iveyleaguecommunications@gmail com



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