Creative Sovereignty

Visual Journaling

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Think you're not creative? I'm here to show you a new, powerful path to creative enJOYment so that you can feel empowered to get creative whenever and wherever you want!

You'll remember how to PLAY and have fun with art materials and authentic self expression so that can free and alive with your creative fire! 

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Paint Your Wild Spirit

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You'll loosen up, get messy and express yourself in new exciting ways so that you can feel empowered to paint wtf you want!


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Do YOU want to feel more FREE with your creativity so that you can express yourself feel more alive and self expressed?


It's 100% possible, and I want to show you an easy way!

Do you:

  • Want to learn an easy way to get started with art processes and creating so that you can get started and keep going, feeling free and alive?
  • Aspire to free flowing playtime with simple art supplies, and no pressure on specific outcome and not worrying about what other people think?
  • Crave a creative outlet that is for you and you alone so that you can feel fully self expressed? 
  • Wish you could feel happy and playful with art supplies so that you can get messy and a little (or a lot) wild?!
  • Desire time to take a breather and connect more deeply with yourself so that you can feel replenished and nourished? 

If you said yes to even one of these question, read on!

ENJOY a FREE 3 part art journaling workshop and dive into your own creative experience so that you can feel more alive!


Get wild and free with my Paint Your Wild Spirit course FREE painting workshop! 

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You can be a beginner or a pro, my courses can help curious and willing people to feel more FREE and playful with their creativity and their life so that you're no longer looking in from the sidelines and you're on your to being the "artist that you are"!

(YES, this includes YOU!)

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Wild Spirit Creativity

We are having some fun conversations and creative sharings in my group! Join in if you want!


"These courses might just be one of the best gifts I've ever given myself! I’ve struggled with being creatively blocked for so long, it seems like a miracle or a magic trick that somehow in this course I was able to become free."

Rhiannon Galanta

"In this course we left behind the old world of creating with the mind’s critique of what was acceptable ...and ventured into a place where it was okay to do whatever our spirit wanted! Many of us hadn’t been to that magical place since we were children. This course was a gift to that inner child in us that wants permission to play, and Tammy was the perfect companion."

Tyrrell Clarke


"Creative Sovereignty course will help you discover your own authentic voice. Tammy inspires and guides you as you learn to let go of the inner critic and embrace the freedom to just begin. Tammy teaches by demonstrating her own working style and encourages her students to use various techniques to better build their skills of visual expression."

Annie Froese

A self taught artist, Tammy Hudgeon's artwork is shown widely, both nationally and internationally.

Among her many honours and awards, Tammy is a two time B.C. Glass Art Award winner and has been cited for her contribution to her local arts community.

She loves to inspire and support others to engage with their own creativity!