$979.00 CAD

"Paint Your Wild Spirit"

You’ll find your authentic voice in painting and feel free to paint what sets your soul on fire without worrying one bit about what other people think!

What you'll receive:

  • Massive hands on painting experiences and fun techniques and tools.
  • The skills, practices and courage to be able to paint whatever you want without worrying about what other people think!

  • Exclusive behind the scenes in my studio as we  paint together. (virtually)
  • Weekly Live demo calls!
  • Cheerleading from a compassionate, inspiring creative guide!
  • You'll feel more free and alive in your whole life so that you're ready to take action with your paints, guided by your authentic heart and soul! WOOHOO!

What People Are Saying:

I’ve been a professional painter and artist for 20 years and I finally learned how to really PLAY when I’m painting! When I joined Paint Your Wild Spirit I'd been feeling stuck and frustrated with my painting, I wanted to LOOSEN up! Tammy taught me how to tap into my own creativity by experimenting and playing in my art with childlike abandon. I now begin all of my paintings in a bold and fun way and creating is so much more enjoyable to me. I highly recommend Tammy's courses!

Wren Walraven

I’m a really creative person in many different mediums, but I wasn’t at all comfortable with paint. I didn’t think I could paint, I believed that painting wasn’t FOR ME. Paint Your Wild Spirit course CHANGED all of that and taught me so much about painting techniques and process, and also about being kind and compassionate towards myself when I paint. Now I feel very empowered to paint whenever I want now, knowing that I can do this thing that always felt off limits to me! And, best of all, I LOVE painting! About this course, I say Do IT!

Pam McCartney

Taking the time for the course, giving my wild spirit the time and space within the course helped encourage and empower it in such a way that my spirit (and my art practice!) has expanded! I've expanded not only in my art but in all parts of my life and it feels wonderful...alive and free! (p.s. I was a beginner when I started! Now I've turned my home office into my art studio and I'm in there every day! )

Amy Curtis